What is Animal Communication?

Some people call it telepathic, intuitive, or psychic communication. I’m sure there are many other words or phrases to describe it. For me, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to define it so that others will understand what I do.

I sometimes tell people that I’ve just figured out how to use another part of my brain that I never knew how to use before. I remind people that Einstein once said that we humans only use about 10% of our brain. Most people agree with that and accept the idea, while others want more of an explanation. Unfortunately, though, it’s just not that easy to define.

Over the years, as I connect and communicate with different animals, I’ve found that it’s much more than just my brain that I’m accessing and using during a session. At first I thought it was just my brain, but I’ve realized it’s actually my entire body. I find that the more work I do on myself to clear my chakras and raise my vibration, the better my communication work becomes. And I’ve found that there are outside influences at work as well.

Here’s what happens when I communicate with an animal:

Before I connect with it, I sit quietly and focus on a picture of the animal. I breathe deeply and try to quiet my mind as much as possible. I try not to let any other thoughts interrupt my concentration.

Then I say a prayer and I ask God, my Angels, and my Spirit Guides for support during the communication. I ask them to help me hear everything that the animal wants to tell me. Lately, I’ve started calling on the animal’s guides as well.

Once I mentally connect with an animal, I begin to feel as though I’m pulling its energy into mine. Not only do I hear its voice, but I also begin to feel what it’s feeling. If it’s happy, I feel happy. If it’s sad, I’ll start to feel sad. There have been times when I’ve started crying uncontrollably and it’s all because of what’s going on with the animal and the energy it’s sending through to me.

Also, along with the voices and the feelings, I sometimes get images. If my ‘clients’ want me to see what they see, they’ll send me a picture. In my mind’s eye, I’ll see the black Doberman the little Pekingese is in love with. Or, I’ll see the painted tennis shoes an owner wears when she takes her greyhound for a walk.

So, I really don’t know of a good way to describe what Animal Communication is because so many things seem to be happening all at one time. It’s so much more than human verbal communication.

All I can tell you is that it’s real. It really does happen and it really is possible. I am forever grateful for this ability to communicate. And, if I can help you or your animal in any way through my communication work, I am more than happy to do so…..regardless of how anyone wants to define it.

"Teaching a child not to step on a caterpiller is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpiller."
- Bradley Millar


Betty Ann

North Carolina

Everything that you told me about Jetta was true. She is definitely a crabby girl. Knowing now that she gets upset when I don’t tell her ahead of time that we’re having company is something I can easily fix. Thank you for talking with her.


St. Louis, MO

Knowing that all RJ wanted before he died was a blanket put over him, made his crossing so much easier for me. Thank you.

Cheryl & Don

St. Louis, MO

Even though Cyrano, our very special guy, didn’t come back to us in a form we would’ve liked, knowing that you were talking with him during the time he was lost, gave us great comfort.


St. Louis, MO

My Shelby has been gone for 7 years. There is no way you could’ve known that I used to dress her up and put hats on her all the time while she was with me. Knowing that you connected with her and hearing all of the things she told you has given me the comfort I’ve been needing all these years. I just put a deposit on the puppy she told me to get. I don’t know how to thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve made me a true believer.


Episode 1: 4 Cats Getting Along

Listen to an edited recording of a reading that I did recently where I talked with 4 cats.

Catherine Hughes: Animal Communicator

An interview with UFO HUB.

Catherine Hughes

Animal Communicator

Catherine has been working since 1996 as an Insurance Agent in the St. Louis, Missouri area. In 1998, she began doing some volunteer work for a local greyhound rescue group, Rescued Racers of St. Louis. Catherine HughesIn 1999, while still selling insurance, she started helping some of the greyhound owners by doing some dog sitting for them in their homes.

It was during that time that she started hearing “little voices in her head.” While she prepared the dog's food, she heard “That’s not how my mom does it.” And, while taking another dog for a walk, she heard “Dad always turns right at this corner.”

She thought it was just her imagination and that she was losing her mind. Because Catherine was too embarrassed to tell anyone, this went on for several years with different dogs at different homes.

Then, she was told about a book by Amelia Kinkade titled “Straight From the Horses Mouth”. She read the book and started practicing some of the techniques that Kinkade outlines in her book. The more she practiced, the better she became.

In April of 2004, Catherine had an opportunity to attend a 2 day workshop conducted by Amelia Kinkade. After the workshop, Catherine’s communication skills improved even more.

Soon, more people learned of her skill and have called upon her to communicate with their animals. She has communicated with horses, dogs, cats and many animals in the wild.

Her goal is to promote a greater awareness of the ability within all of us to communicate with animals. She believes that when we learn to quiet our minds and discard a lot of our old beliefs, we will be amazed at what we can learn from the animals.


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Getting Started

To prepare for your session, it helps if you can send a picture of your animal, but this is not necessary. The animal can be living or Living in Spirit, and it doesn’t matter how current the picture is.

It helps, if you can be in a quiet place during your session, and keep an open mind. Your animal may surprise you. Also, you may want to have a few questions ready to ask your animal. And, have a pad of paper & pen handy to take notes. Sessions are interactive and tend to be very informative.



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